A few months ago I asked Tom Bennett if he’d be up for rubberstamping some sort of rEDx project (like TEDx but with brains) devoted to exploring the intersection between education research and English teaching and he came back, quick as a flash, with the suggestion that I organise an actual researchED spinoff. So, under the steadying hand and watchful eye of Helene Galdon-O’Shea, I have.

  • When? Saturday 7th November 2015
  • Where? Swindon Academy (which is also where I’ll be working next year.)
  • What? The theme of the conference is exploring the intersection between ‘what works’ according to the research community and what actually works on a practical level in English classrooms.
  • How much? A tenner! I kid you not – for a measly £10 you not only get to soak up all the wonderful research-inspired workshops but you also get a hot meal and as much caffeine as your bladder is able to hold!
  • Who? Well, apart from me and Tom, I’ve managed to tempt Ray Land, Director of the Centre for Academic Practice at the School of Education at Durham University to headline. He’s the guy who has (with Jan Meyer) trail blazed research into threshold concepts, liminality and troublesome knowledge. Here he is strutting his stuff:

Other wonderful research-engaged English teacher types who’ve agreed to speak so far are:

So, get excited, spread the word and book your tickets here. They’re selling fast!

Special thanks to United Learning and Crown House for sponsoring the event and helping us keep the costs down.