UPDATE: I no longer think SOLO taxonomy is worth spending any time on. Here is why.

A few weeks ago I rather rashly offered to present on SOLO taxonomy to the North Somerset Aspire network. As always with this sort of foolishness it’s made me consider my understanding of the subject in a lot more depth.

Before the Summer I’d never even heard of it. But since then the whole world (or at least the very narrow teaching geek world I inhabit) has exploded with SOLO fever. Tait Coles and Darren Mead have done their best to help me understand some of the complexities but it’s taken Lisa Jane Ashes, another English teacher, to get me over the last few humps. I now feel confident(ish) about sharing with others the work I’ve been trying out with students.

So, after cannibalising Tait’s Prezi, I began putting together a presentation which said what I thought needed saying. Here’s the resultant PPT:

And here are the bits and bobs to go with the presentation :

‘Grown up’ statements on AfL to classify

And the SOLO levels sheet to help prompt the AfL card sort:


And the ‘meta’ hexagons (which are really just hexagons about SOLO and probably a bit of a disappointment)


And just in case anyone’s not had enough about SOLO rammed down their throats recently, here’s a collection of posts which touch on it. Hope this is useful to someone.

Please leave any comments: always value formative feedback.

Update: here’s my new SOL reflections display: