Thank you so much to everyone who helped out, presented, turned up on a wet Saturday or just joined in from afar on our creaky Livestream (I’m particularly devastated that Professor Ray Land’s keynote will be lost to posterity!)

I will, in due course, write something which pulls together the experience of organising Saturday’s #researchED’s first subject-specific conference, but for now, here are the slides you’ve all been clamouring for (actually no one has asked, but in case you were vaguely interested.)

You can also watch me try to explain what I mean here. In case you’re wondering why I’m so puffed at the start, hilariously (!) I hadn’t managed to save the talk on to my memory stick and had to sprint out to my car to find my laptop with minutes to space.
All the other talks that were filmed will be uploaded on the Swindon Academy YouTube channel.