Have just been reading 59 Seconds by Professor Richard Wiseman (@RichardWiseman) and am rather dismayed to note that contrary to popular belief, but according to scientific research, groups are less creative than individuals! Does this mean that by getting students to work in groups I have been stifling their creativity?

Apparently this is down to what Wiseman calls ‘diffusion of responsibility’. Because there are other people to take the blame, we make less effort when we are part of a team.

The consensus view in education now seems to be all about groups. Is this just a vogue? Does it need to be challenged? I certainly find it challenging – the idea that maybe we are more creative in isolation flies in the face of everything I’ve been advocating over the past three years!

One thing I do know: teacher lead lessons are NOT the answer. Can you remember anything you ever learnt in a teacher initiated discussion? Can you? After several minutes reflection, I couldn’t.

Will have to investigate this in the classroom. Will post more after my own studies are complete.