Leading literacy masterclass: 1st March 2019

//Leading literacy masterclass: 1st March 2019

Since the publication of The Secret of Literacy back in 2014 I’ve been asked to visit a lot of schools to talk about how teachers can make sure they’re focussing on reading, writing and speaking as well as teaching academic content. In that time I’ve learned an enormous amount about how schools can successful implement policies that support children’s ability to use academic language with burdening teachers with pointless frippery and tedious gimmicks.

It’s become increasingly clear that I should really condense all this thinking and experience into a new version of the book but, as is so often the case, that’s a project that bubbles away untended on a back burner. Instead, I’ve put my energies into creating a masterclass in implementing the lessons I’ve learned. This brand new course consists not only of a full day of training, but a specially produced course book as well as ongoing one-to one support over the internet for the following six months. I’m planning to run a few of these courses in different parts of the country (if you’d like to host one, please get in touch) but the inaugural course will be held at Future Academies’ head office in Pimlico, London on 1st March.

Here are the details of what will be covered:

Session 1: Is what we’re doing working?

  • How to go about identifying, monitoring and supporting the students who most in need
  • A toolkit for evaluating the impact of literacy interventions
  • Strategies for ensuring that all teachers get behind the literacy agenda
  • How to support staff members in developing their own literacy

Session 2: Exploring best bets

  • Reading: strategies to support struggling readers and building a reading culture
  • Writing: teaching methods to improve written expression
  • Vocabulary building: strategies to help students master the vocabulary of academic success
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar: techniques to raise standards
  • Speaking: strategies to improve verbal communication
  • Feedback and assessment frameworks: ensure an effective consistent approach across the school.

The course is aimed primarily at those responsible for overseeing literacy provision within a school but will also provide practical support for all teachers at any stage in their careers.

Hope I see you there.

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  1. Ben Ward January 23, 2019 at 9:50 pm - Reply

    My school would be interested in hosting one of your events – I teach at Penwortham Girls in Preston. Do you have any current plans for the NW? What would you require?

  2. CoolWriter January 24, 2019 at 3:01 pm - Reply

    Your “The Secret of Literacy” useful not just for English teachers, and very useful for those looking to make literacy an expectation across subject areas. Had many excellent ideas in there and I particularly liked ‘slow writing’ which I have used in humanities classes.

  3. Emeli January 26, 2019 at 9:09 am - Reply

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