June was a much quieter month on the blog than May. But despite the page views plummeting I still managed to churn out a fair few posts, summarised for your convenience below:

#9 Motivation 6th June

Throughout June I continued my uphill plod through the Top 20 psychological principles for teachers. This one was the first of four on what motivates students and looked at the costs and benefits of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

#10 Mastery 7th June

Mastery learning is a much abused and very vogue-ish term. This post tried to begin unpicking what it is and isn’t.

It’s the bell curve, stupid! 10th June

A look under the hood of the EEF toolkit with special thanks to the wonderful Professor Steve Higgins

#11 Expectations 13th June

This is one of my favourites and takes in placebos, the halo effect and the Hawthorne effect before delivering a verdict on the importance of teachers’ expectations.

#12 Goal setting 14th June

I had a lot of fun with this one as I’ve always despaired of SMART targets. Turns out, they’re well iffy.

Examining my gender bias 16th June

On realising that I only seem to read books and blogs by men.

Should schools have to prepare for inspection? 16th June

Spoiler: no

Have you read the #WrongBook? 17th June

More blatant and unrepentant promotion of my new book on the eve of it’s publication.

Why the ‘false growth mindset’ explains so much 2oth June

Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about Carol Dweck…

#13 Situated learning 21st June

I’m sorry, but this stuff is just a bit dreadful!

#14 Relationships 22nd June

Teaching: it’s all about relationships. In other news, the pope is still Catholic.

This much I know about John Tomsett’s book 22nd June

John’s book is ace. If you haven’t read his blog, you should. Then buy his book.

#15 Well being 23rd June

We all want to feel good, but can we actually teach well-being?

When is a bad idea a bad idea? 23rd June

When it has no supporting evidence or has been proved empirically false. We really need to disinfect this stuff out of the profession!

#16 Zero-tolerance 25th June

Much to my surprise, it turns out there’s no supporting evidence (and some contradictory evidence) for zero-tolerance behaviour policies.

#17 Classroom management 28th June

What we accept is acceptable. My three-pronged advice is balls, heart, minds.

#18 Formative & summative assessment 29th June

On careful consideration, it’s not so much that AfL is wrong, but used for the wrong reasons.

#19 Measurement 30th June

What every teacher needs to know about validity, reliability and fairness.

See you all again this time next month. Thanks for reading.