Without a word of explanation, my Twitter account unsuspended itself this evening. In case you didn’t get round to noticing, I’d been suspended the day before. Thank you so much to the veritable legion of supporters who inundated @twitter with requests to get me off the naughty step – it almost brought a tear to my jaundiced, cynical old eyes.

I also have to thank some blue-ticked big hitters from the edupress for going straight to the top:

But have I learned anything from the experience? Probably not. It was odd and strangely liberating  to read tweets about myself without being able to respond – I was forced to bite my tongue and I’m sure that can only be a good thing. I particularly enjoyed the #prayforDidau and #FreeDidau hashtags and there were also a number of tweets likening my return to the resurrection:


Now obviously, I don’t want to overstate any parallels between myself and the son of God, but they’re there if you look for them. Just saying.

I also learned something about how great Twitter can be. People I’ve never interacted with before went out of their way to email or contact me on Facebook. Bless you. all the messages of support were much appreciated. Next time I see you, I’ll be sure buy you a drink. You know who you are.

The thing is, I still have no idea what caused the suspension. If anyone has tips for finding out, please let me know. But in the mean time, gee but it’s great to be back home.