This isn’t really a post, more a shameless piece of self-promotion. I would normally cringe at the idea of publicly bathing in the warm glow of congratulations but in this case it feels exciting enough to be worth making an exception for: one of my education heroes, Doug Lemov, the mastermind behind the Uncommon Schools network in the US and best selling author of the marvellous Teach Like A Champion and Practice Perfect took time out of his hectic schedule to say he likes my new book!


In a review for The Secret of Literacy: making the implicit explicit, Doug says:

David Didau’s book is everything a book about the work of teaching should be: clear-eyed, lively, wise, and funny. Written by a  front-line practitioner of the craft. And best of all, reading it will make you better.

I’ve also had some very lovely reviews from Tom Sherrington, Mary Myatt and Alex Quigley which I’ll share over the next few posts.

Sadly, you’ll have to wait until 31st January to read it, but in the meantime do feel free to head over to Amazon to pre-order a copy.

Many thanks, David