Since writing a post 18 months ago recommending people to follow on Twitter, I’ve since met lots of other wonderful folk to whom I’d also like to draw your attention.

To avoid petty rivalries and bruised egos they are arranged in alphabetical order:

Gareth Alcott @GalcottGareth – super enthusiastic cheerleader for the College of Teaching and an all round good egg.

Greg Ashman @greg_ashman – Australian based science teacher and edu-blogger.

Jon Brunskill @jon_brunskill – Another boy genius. And a primary teacher! I know, right?

Jules Daulby @JulesDaulby – If everyone who disagreed with me was a lovely as Jules the world would be a happier place.

Pedro De Bruykere @thebandb – Regularly blogs 2 or 3 times a day. Shares ridiculous quantities of excellent research

Disappointed Idealist @DisIdealist – Of all the people on Twitter I disagree with, this guy’s the most interesting. He’s changed my mind on more than one topic.

Laura Ellener @EllenerLaura – An absolute joy to work with.

Toby French @mrhistoire – A rising star of the edu-blogging world – currently hitting excellent form.

Carl Hendrick @Carl_Hendrick – notorious edu-ligger and dastard

Sara Hjelm @sara_hjelm – Consistently lovely. Her presence in your timeline is “a blue sirocco blowing warm into my face”

I’m Sporticus @ImSporticus – probably the most interesting PE teacher in the world.

Eric Kalenze @erickalenze – The only American on the list. Has some very sensible ideas.

Mario Lopez @nastyoldmrpike – Asks awkward questions. Sometimes sends me cool ideas.

Jack Marwood @Jack_Marwood – Jack is to data what Bruce Willis is to dirty vests.

Ruth Powley @powley_r – A meta-blogger. If you could only read one education blog, you ought to make it Ruth’s.

Nick Rose @turnfordblog – The ‘angriest man in education’? or a cuddly uncle? Former para-psychologist turned psychology teacher.

Rachel Rossiter @rachelrossiter – Funny, wise and ginger.

Andrew Sabisky @andrewsabisky – To say Andrew is a clever chap is something of an understatement. My go-to-guy on behaviour genetics.

Summer Turner @ragazza_inglese – Writes a fine blog, always makes me think

Sam Twiselton @samtwiselton – Not many academics can drink me under the table. You’ve been warned.

Nick Wells @NSMWells – Equal parts thoughtful and slyly mischievous.

This list is not intended to be anything other than a snapshot of my state of mind and memory at a particular point in time. There are hundreds of other people I love and value. They know who they are.