Here’s all the stuff I wrote last month. Knock yourself out.

3rd November Five techniques for overcoming overconfidence & improving decision-making – more wisdom from messrs Kahneman & Klein

4th November Tests don’t kill people – standardised tests are great but they seem to cause people to behave stupidly

5th November We don’t know what we don’t know: the uses of humility – I’m a big fan of humility. In fact, I think it’s possibly the number 1 leadership quality

8th November Using threshold concepts to think about curriculum design – my attempt to ruin the researchEd English & Literacy gig in Swindon

9th November If writing is magic, grammar is alchemy – me trolling Michael Rosen

9th November How to deal with criticism My impatience at people who really ought to know better whining about being criticised

11th November In praise of dignity and justice – the parable of the crybully, the safe space and the victim

15th November Rethinking assessment Part 1: How can we tell if students are making progress? – It’s all about comparative judgement, innit

15th November Rethinking assessment Part 2: the Einstellung effect – some reaons why we’re reluctant to accept it’s all about comparative judgement

17th November Essay writing: style and substance – thesis statements, slaloming and nominalisation

19th November Comparison is easy – some stuff I’ve being doing with the BBC

20th November The Illusion of Knowing – the most I’ve ever been paid to write anything. Ever.

21st November What every teacher needs to know about…Zero Tolerance – this month’s Teach Secondary column

22nd November Workload, retention & accountability: One policy to rule them all – exit interviews – that’s it

23rd November Is it just me or is Sugata Mitra an irresponsible charlatan? – it’s not just me

26th November The problem with book monitoring – it’s too easy to look for stuff which makes no differnece

28th November What I want from a school leader – humility, love, determination, vision & focus

30th November Should students respond to feedback? – maybe not

30th November Opportunity knocks – but what does it want? An inquiry into what we can learn from economics