Earlier in the year I made a list of those people on Twitter that I recommended that people interested in education should follow. Since then, two things have happened:

1)    I’ve encountered more people worth following

2)    The original post has gone mad and for some reason fails to display many of the people I intend it to (in some case this has resulted in people feeling a bit miffed.)

So, here is the updated list of top education types to follow:

@oldandrewuk – for his ceaseless vigilance and tireless campaign against Ofsted’s inconsistencies as well as the patience (yes patience!) with which he explained why I was wrong in the early days. If you deliberately don’t follow Andrew it’s probably due to a preference for not having your views challenged.

@surreallyno – for challenging my thinking in a much more gentle, but no less effective way

@Surrealanarchy – for asking so many bloody questions and for writing such a terrific book

@TheRealMrRoo, @geogphil, @dylanwiliam and @DTWillingham for being able to put their fingers on just the right piece of research when it’s most needed

@HuntingEnglish and @joe__kirby for writing the blogs I feel most competitive with

@websofsubstance@HFletcherWood, @miss_mcinerney, @Kris_Boulton, @LeeDonaghy @Xris32 @daisychristo @JamesTheo @tombennett71 @atharby @mfordhamhistory @HeatherBellaF @turnfordblog @Jack_Marwood @tstarkey1212 for also writing consistently excellent blogs.

@johntomsett @headguruteacher and @kalinski1970 for being head teachers who give me hope.

Ofsted grandees who listen, think and engage: @mclagingbowl @HarfordSean

@samfr @itsmotherswork @SchoolDugger@miconm @PXEducation @ProfCoe @tothechalkface @EmathsUK @ClerktoGovernor @IcingOnCakeBlog @GiftedPheonix @goodbyemrhunter @SusanGodsland @debbiehepp @neurobollocks and @informed_edu  for widening the debate

@philbeadle for swearing more than I do

@StuartLock @KristianStill and @teachitso for having encouraged me since the beginning

@dan_brinton for reasons which currently escape me

People who frequently tweet interesting stuff and influence my thinking:

@hgaldinoshea @davidfawcett27 @MaryMyatt @michaelslav @imagineinquiry @mrlockyer @KerryPulleyn @HYWEL_ROBERTS @kennypeiper @ChrisMoyse @katie_s_ashford @BodilUK @kevbartle @jillberry102 @cherrylkd  @shaun_allison @ICTEvangelist @gwenelope @Pekabelo @agwilliams9 @TheoKL @DKMead @jillberry102 @Heatherleatt @benking01 @oliverquinlan @fullonlearning @Edutronic_Net @tomboulter @JohnPearce_JP @cazzypot @C_Hendrick @MsFindlater @judeenright @nancygedge @wonderacademy @ssgill76  @cazzwebbo @Benneypenyrheol @lisajaneashes @AndrewSabisky @KathrynAsbury1 @jonbrunskill and Mr Teach Like A Champion himself, @Doug_Lemov

Contrarians: @ethinking @Ingotian @ManYanaEd

People who generally disagree with me but without usually being too offensive about it: @heymisssmith @DavidWray @debrakidd @totallywired77 @Sue_Cowley

Inevitably, I will have offended someone, and for that I’m sorry: it is a sin of omission rather than commission. This is my list, you must write your own list. (And feel free leave me off it in revenge!) But do please add anyone I’ve unjustly neglected below and explain why you think they are particularly worth following.

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