It’s that time again. The rhythm of the year inevitably reaches a staccato climax as the Edublog Awards, or Eddies, trundle laboriously into view. And happily the voting process appears much less flawed than in past years with every individual only able to vote once for each entry. Even better you can actually see who has voted for you. So I will know!

Back in 2011 I was nominated for Best New Blog and got very over excited. In my self-depreciatory way I tried to mobilise my very modest Twitter following, and my mum, to vote for me. With almost imperceptible results. I came nowhere.

In 2012 I was nominated in the Best Individual Blog category. I was cynical, spiky and refused to bite. Maybe if I played it cool it would just go away and I could pretend I didn’t care. The blogging community failed to vote for me in their droves.

This year I have been nominated for Best Individual Blog again. This is the fault of Tom Sherrington, the Headguruteacher. I know I’m not going to win and that really is OK. Partly this is because I don’t really think my blog is in any way ‘best’. But mainly I know because this year you can see the progress of the voting and some Russian blog has already made a load of votes. But it would be great if UK tweeps could show their support by voting either for me or for Tom Sherrington or Laura McInerney. In fact you can vote for all of us.

Somewhat more surprisingly, I’ve also been nominated for the Lifetime Achievement award. This is just silly and not at all deserved; I’ve not even been blogging for 3 whole years! But if you’d like to vote for me you can do so here. My vote is for Andrew Old.

And there are a raft of other categories. For the record, here are the people I’d like to see recognised in some of those categories:

Best group blog – The Echo Chamber

Best new blog – Joe Kirby’s Pragmatic Reform

Best teacher blog – Alex Quigley’s Hunting English

Best individual tweeter –  Laura McInerney

So vote, if only to give the weird Russian blog a run for its money. Thanks