A little over a month ago I streamed my first ever webinar with the technical support of B&T Education.

I decided right from the outset that I wanted to make the content free to anyone who wanted it but I also wanted to give people the opportunity to pay a tokenary amount if they felt able to do so. Afterall, streaming webinars isn’t free; not only does it take time and effort but there’s all sorts of hidden, behind-the-scenes costs. Much to my surprise and delight the first webinar was a huge success selling out 1000 tickets. We had a few technical difficulties – our server was briefly overwhelmed by so many people trying to access the webinar at the same time – but the experience was, I hope, a positive one for all involved.

The Learning Spy Academy now has a back catalogue of 10 webinars which are a mix of me talking through a particular aspect of teaching or interviews with some of my favourite people in education:

  • Five Things Every teacher Needs to Know About Reading
  • Building a Reading Culture
  • Curriculum: understanding the difference between powerful knowledge & cultural capital
  • What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Psychology (with Nick Rose)
  • A Manifesto for closing the advantage gap
  • Closing the Reading Gap (with Alex Quigley)
  • Intelligent Accountability: how to ensure teachers thrive
  • Getting instruction right: Success and Struggle
  • Five things every teacher needs to know about writing
  • Great Teaching Toolkit: Evidence Review (with Rob Coe)
  • Curriculum conversations (with Martin Robinson)

While the plan is to continue making the live webinars available for free, we’re charging £5 for one month’s unlimited access to the back catalogue  (or £50 for a year) with a commitment to add at least one new webinar a week. If this sounds like a reasonable deal, you can register here. Next week’s webinar is What Teachers Need to Know About Growth Mindset, Grit & Resilience.

If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to see a webinar on, or ideas of who else you’d like to see interviewed, please let me know in the comments below.