The case against Power Point as means of implementing curriculum

2022-03-21T11:19:15+00:00March 13th, 2022|curriculum|

First things first: I have nothing against PowerPoint. As means for displaying visual information it definitely has its merits. I have no issues with teachers using slides to share pictures, diagrams or moving images with student (although I do have a few reservations about using it to share text.) My argument here is focussed on the widespread practice of using PowerPoint (or any other similar product) as a means of implementing the curriculum. When I began teaching the idea of displaying slides in classrooms was a distant dream. My first classroom didn’t even have a modern whiteboard and I made do [...]

The evils of Powerpoint

2013-07-20T17:47:28+01:00May 7th, 2012|learning|

For some time now I've found myself becoming increasingly convinced of the evils of PowerPoint. What's that you say? It's just a tool? Isn't there some old cliché about bad workmen blaming their tools? Fair point, and perhaps you're right. There's no doubt that the advent of data projectors in classrooms has resulted in teachers being able to do things unimaginable in the days of the OHP. Maybe teachers moaning about Powerpoint presentations is like farmers moaning about combine harvesters? But I can't shake the nagging feeling that planning and delivering every lesson via Powerpoint (as many teachers do) is akin to [...]

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